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Eunice Marangiello Meatballs & Tomato Sauce Recipe

Tomato Sauce:

* This is the Common Denominator of the Sauce, multiply by at least 2!

Ingredients                       Directions
--------------------------------  ---------------------------------------
Olive Oil                         Coat bottom & sides of Pot
1 lb. Sweet Italian Sausage       Brown in Pot (separate for less grease)
1 Onion                           Dice and Add to Pot
3 Cloves Fresh Garlic             Liquidice and Add to Pot
2 Cans Crushed Tomatoes (large)   Add to Pot
2 Cans Tomato Paste (small)       Add to Pot
4 Cans Tomato Sauce (small)       Add to Pot
Thyme                             Sprinkle into Pot
Garlic Powder                     Sprinkle into Pot
Onion  Powder                     Sprinkle into Pot
Oregano                           Sprinkle into Pot
Pepper                            Sprinkle into Pot
Salt                              Sprinkle into Pot
1 Teaspoon Sugar                  Add to Pot
Red Wine (any will do)            Splash into Pot

                                  Simmer Covered at least 2 Hours

Ingredients                       Directions
--------------------------------  ---------------------------------------
3 lb. Chuck Chop                  Place in Mixing Bowl
1 Onion                           Dice and Mix in Bowl
2 Cloves Fresh Garlic             Liquidice and Mix in Bowl
Garlic Powder                     Sprinkle into Bowl
Onion  Powder                     Sprinkle into Bowl
Pepper                            Sprinkle into Bowl
Salt                              Sprinkle into Bowl
2 Eggs                            Mix in Bowl
1/2 Cup Grated Parmasean Cheese   Mix in Bowl
1 Cup Italian Bread Crumbs        Mix in Bowl
                                  Mold into Balls...
                                  - larger than a golf ball
                                  - smaller than a tennis ball

Olive Oil                         Coat bottom & sides of Skillet
                                  Fry Low Flame in Skillet until Brown
                                  Add to Sauce

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