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Author - Walter Marangiello

Today I sold the place I grew up in, and I'm not sure how to feel
Just memories and ghosts remain, but to me they all seem real

The last time that I was there, I would swear I still heard voices
Echoes from the past, that lingered upon the cool, stale air

Laughter and chatter from loved ones, some that are long gone
As clear as if they were behind me, or just a room away

The faint sound of Old Blue Eyes, the soundtrack of my youth
Played upon a stereo that is no longer there

Mom's sauce served in that old dented pot just wouldn't have been the same
Without those old records and all those familiar scratches

The floors and walls are now stripped bare, the paint is chipped and stained
Yet the images of what was there once, continue to fade out and in

I went from room to room, knowing this visit would be the last
I walked as younger versions of myself, and my phantoms kept me company

Though I haven't lived there for many years, and it was just and empty shell
As different as this place may be, It still feels like Home

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