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Brianna Eunice Marangiello

Brianna at National American Miss Pageant in the Daily Cortlandt News

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2006 Dance Recital...

"Pretty In Pink"...

                     Even her eyes.

  2005 Dance Recital...






  Kinda like Sleeping Beauty.

Brianna's 5th Birthday, riding the Merry-Go-Round. That would make her, uh, 5 years old. Mommy wouldn't ride the Merry-Go-Round, she's ascaird.

Here she is at 4 ½, Christmas 2003, with her little puppy, Spirit. He follows her everywhere. She calls him her "Protector". I would advise you NOT to poke her in the eye when he is around.

Brianna, now 4 years old. This is her "frazzled-hair" look. Also note the "frazzled" books and toys behind her. She didn't like this picture. Mommy and Daddy did.

Brianna, approximately 3.57 years old EST. Borrowing Mommy's hat for her audition in the Broadway play "Fosse" and all that jazz. Daddy simply said "No, you can't be in that play". Daddy can do that you know.

Brianna, 2 years old, enhancing her dexterity and physical prowess at one of the more difficult obstacle courses in NASA's Shuttle Program. Her first launch has been delayed due to U.S. Governmental cost cutting. Tayloring a space suit to her size proved to be overly expensive.

Here's Brianna at 19 months, after being prompted to "Do Pretty Smile" at Christmas. Brianna took part in the tree trimming this year. Her remarkable, innovative, and creative design won the acclaim of many New York Metropolitan Area Art critics and the tree has since been preserved and is now on display at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

This is Brianna at 1 year. The Birthday Princess. In the summer of 2000, Brianna took part in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Australia and came home with one Silver and two Bronze Metals. Lacking the Gold, when the Newspapers asked her whether she were disappointed, she answered in her usual delightful form, "Just wait till I'm 2 years old !!!".

The lovely Brianna (The Boo) was born on May 14th 1999, at 10:10AM. She was 8 lbs. 10 oz. and 21 inches long.

After Brianna was 1 month old, she was walking. After 2 months, (when the featured picture was taken), she was able to read and solve simple algebraic equations. Even though she only currently speaks the English Language, she is able to code Java Programs and has a fair grasp of Perl. Lately, she has been playing the Market with uncanny insight (Long on IBM and SUNW) and is able to leap small buildings in a single bound.

Brianna was nicknamed The Boo, short for Boo-Boo, by her Father. The instant he laid eyes upon her, because she was so beautiful and wondrous, he knew she was going to break his heart a thousand times.

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